CLIF - Work Plan

Actions for year 2017

  • Publish first version 3 based on the ProActive middleware: ProActive CLIF will replace "legacy" CLIF while keeping full compatibility, providing extended network capabilities, as well as deployment facilities within the ProActive platform.
  • Publish the clif-api Maven artifact and move the CLIF plug-in for Jenkins code to the Jenkins Community.
  • Integration with container (Docker...) and PaaS (OpenShift, Cloud Foundry...) technologies.

Other ideas

... include (but are not restricted to)...

  • Eclipse update site for CLIF plug-ins
  • Save/restore, template features and miscellaneous improvements in the embedded analysis and reporting tool.
  • New ISAC plug-ins for other protocols.
  • New capture tools for other protocols.
  • Probe creation wizard for Eclipse.
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